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Promotional products cut through the everyday marketing noise in a unique way, but sometimes they too can become their own noise. Sometimes you need to approach promotional products as a creative canvas for your ideas rather than just a place for you logo. From this perspective, promotional products give you the opportunity to show off your brand in a creative way that is attention grabbing and appreciated.

Customization is the key. While there are literally tens of thousands of products ready and waiting to promote your brand, everyone has the same access to them. Customization options provide that creative canvas that allows you to express your brand in a truly unique way. The last thing you want to do is end up using the same promotional products as your competitor. When approaching projects here in the office, we like to recommend promotional products that feature customization options for the reasons explained. You could argue that all promotional products are customized, but the degree of customization is what we’ll focus on here. These recommendations fall into three categories: full color decoration, value added options, and completely custom.

Full Color Decoration

More promotional products are becoming available with either four-color process or digital decoration. That means that the sky is the limit as you are no longer limited to a one or two color imprint on your products. Photos, illustrations or brand motifs can be applied to these products to turn them into fully branded piece. Even if some else has the same product, it won’t be the same product because of your custom artwork.

Value Added Options

Another way to customize your promotional products is to find ones that offer additional features that allow you to create a unique presentation out of a “stock” item. Custom packaging, for example, adds creativity and a more impressive presentation to promotional products like water bottles, USB drives or earbuds. Other examples of the added value customization include apparel with custom tags and integrated direct mail pieces.

Completely custom

The only surefire way to make sure your promotional product is one-of-a-kind is to create something from scratch. A fully custom promotional product adds that element of fun or function that your campaign needs, but can’t be found anywhere else. The full custom method works well when considering a commemorative piece or larger, integrated marketing campaign.

While customizable products are fun for the marketer and recipient alike, there are a few things to keep in mind when taking this route. First, four-color artwork design and higher minimums can lead to an above average price tag. Also, lead times for custom products can be considerably more than stock products. Despite these considerations, custom promotional products coupled with proper planning can deliver a great ROI.

Customization options and custom products allow you to, as we say around the office, “go full crazy” when developing a promotional marketing campaign. To see what is available, contact us today!

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